Religious Communities of the Parish



The Holy Family of Bordeaux

The Holy Family of Bordeaux is a worldwide Spiritual and Apostolic Family founded in 1820 by Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, a priest of Bordeaux.

It is composed of women and men, youth and children, from all vocations and walks of life in the Catholic Church: Apostolic and Contemplative Women Religious, Consecrated Secular Women, Lay and Priest Associates.

All members, while living their own specific vocation, share the same mission, the same spirit and aim and draw their inspiration from the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Holy Family Sisters
Naas Road,
Droichead Nua
Co. Kildare.
Tel: 045 431 286

100, Moorefield Park
Droichead Nua
Co. Kildare.
Tel: 045 431 939


Daughters-of-mary-josephThe Congregation of the ‘Daughters of Mary and Joseph

The Congregation of the ‘Daughters of Mary and Joseph’ (DMJ) was founded in 1817, in Aalst (Alost), by Constant van Crombrugghe where he was the Principal of the ‘Collège d’Alost’.

The Daughters came into being as a response to the needs of girls from poor Belgian families who were suffering from the effects of widespread famine and great misery.

In 1875 the Holy Family Sisters came to Newbridge and took charge of the religious education of the local catholic children.

Daughters of Mary and Joseph
Sycamore Road
Connell Drive
Tel: 045 431842


Patrician-BrothersThe Brothers of Saint Patrick

The Brothers of Saint Patrick, popularly known in most countries as the Patrician Brothers, is a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation founded by Bishop Daniel

Delany in Tullow, Ireland, on Tuesday the 2nd February, 1808.

From this small Irish town, the Brothers reached out to every corner of Ireland and eventually to every corner of the globe. From Galway to Los Angeles, from Aitape to Chennai, from Dormaa to Sydney, the Brothers travelled with their primary message Christus in Corde Omnium: Christ is in all people and in all of His creation.

Patrician Brothers
Naas Road
Droichead Nua
Co. Kildare.
Tel: 045 431 475


Dominican-PrioryThe Dominican community of St Eustace

The Dominican community of St Eustace has as its primary ministry the welfare of the students in its secondary school, Newbridge College

The friars are teachers, chaplains, and administrators in the college. They also have a liturgical and sacramental apostolate in the priory church, in the local parish, and to the Lay Dominicans.

Some are involved in wider apostolates including Dominican Publications and the Priory Institute.

Dominican Priory
Newbridge College
Droichead Nua
Co. Kildare.
Tel: 045 487 200