Music Ministry

In Caelo choir

In Caelo grew from what had once been the local Parish Folk group, when some past members of that group came together . They advertised for more members, and so In Caelo was formed just before Christmas in 1997. The first performance was at the local Christmas Carol Service. At this stage the choir held only around 15 members but one could tell it was the start of something good. Today In Caelo has 45 members, and is the envy of many choirs, in that, it has managed not only to hold soprano and alto voices but has strong tenor and bass lines also. This can be seen as a great feat when many church choirs are loosing numbers and finding new members, especially male voices, hard to come by. In Caelo is like a family unit and has gone from strength to strength under the guidance of it’s  director Cora Coffey.  In Caelo has produced many memorable moments as a result. Many musicians have also helped in enhancing the sound of the choir over the years.  We practice every second Tuesday night in the parish Church at 8.00 pm.  in recent times In Caelo has developed strong links with Pro Nova – a group who sing in the Pro Cathedral- and have sung in the Cathedral on many occasions in the past two years including last St Patrick’s Day when we sang at Mass attended by President Michael D Higgins.


Family parish Choir.

This is the oldest serving choir in the parish. An eclectic group of dedicated members perform on Sundays, Holy Days, and through out all seasons. The choir now consists of 20 members who are also entwined in the service of the parish. We encourage everyone to join, those who can sing, think they can sing, and just want to offer prayer and praise to God. Everyone is welcome to join us, we practice on a Wednesday night at 7:30 in the parish church, no appointment needed, just come and join in.


Newbridge Gospel Choir

Newbridge Gospel Choir was founded in October 2011 by Rosaleen Barry and Sister Kate. In February 2012, the choir came under the fabulous musical direction of Lisa Nagle. The ever growing choir now consists of over 60 members who perform the very best of gospel music accompanied by some fantastic musicians. The blend of stunning vocal harmonies and beautiful music will always leave you wanting more!




Chill Mhuire Childrens Choir

(waiting for updated information on this choir)

Chill Mhuire Adult Folk Choir

(waiting for updated information on this choir)