First Communion Visitation Team

The visitation team was set up in Newbridge Parish in 2007. Looking back over those years we are reminded of the origin and progress of the visitation ministry. ‘Go out into whole world and proclaim the Good News’

In October 2007 the new team of 16 lay people (going out in pairs) began visiting a small number of families. Having completed the visits an evaluation took place. Both the families and the visitation team felt this new venture had great possibilities and so a new ministry was born. Today 15 people are members of the visitation team. Even though the number of children receiving First Communion in our parish has increased, each year we are blessed with new members who are prepared to get involved in the home visits. Last year over 400 children received First Communion in our Parish.

The work of the visitation team is now seen as part of the First Communion Programme. Each year when the First Communion Programme is launched a member of the visitation team speaks to the parents and informs them about the option of a visit. The visitation team is familiar with the Parish Communion Programme and the information, support and encouragement they give to parents is really appreciated. As part of the First Communion Programme all families are encouraged to have a prayer space in their homes. When visiting the homes the team bring with them small gifts, which can be added to their prayer space.

The team has been made very welcome by the families. Searching for houses on cold winter nights, going into the unknown and making contact with new families is challenging, but rewarding. The commitment and enthusiasm of the visitation team, their faith, loyalty to parish and willingness to reach out to others has enabled this ministry to take root and become a reality in Newbridge Parish. For more information contact Sr. Eileen Murphy (Parish Sister) at the Parish Office, 045 431394.