Cill Mhuire Church

Monday - Friday 10am
Saturday 7pm (Vigil)
Sunday No Sunday Mass
Monday - Friday 10:30am - 11:30am - Eucharistic Adoratiom
Sacristy (045) 432286

For many centuries the area of Ballymany had a church to serve the needs of the people of the area. It was destroyed sometime in the penal years. With the growth of Newbridge, it was decided in the 1970’s to build another church for the Parish in the Ballymany area.

Cill Mhuire was built and opened for worship on 15th August 1983. It is of modern design – fan shaped to bring everyone into close proximity to the sanctuary area. The stained glass windows are by Lua Breen and contribute to the brightness and spacious atmosphere of the Church. The newly added “hangings” are by Helen O’Keeffe. At the rear of the main church is a day chapel which seats 50 people and is used for small group liturgies and meetings.