Adult Baptism

In the early days of the Christian Church, only adults were baptised. Eventually the practice of infant Baptism grew up and we in Ireland are more familiar with this practice. In recent years, we have seen adults come forward asking for Baptism and there have been a number of adults baptised in our parish recently.

Christian Initiation of Adults

There is a special process of preparation for Adults or young people who wish to become members of the Catholic Church. This refers to those who have never been baptised or those who may have been baptised in another Church. Further information and application forms for reception of the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation or Eucharist by adults can be had by contacting the Parish Office at 045 431 394 or please contact any of the Parish Team . We will welcome you, and help you on your faith journey.  You may find helpful the following information about  Christian initation of adults.

What is RCIA?

The’ Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults’ is the process by which the Catholic Church welcomes new adult members into the Christian Community.

Who can participate in the RCIA?

  • Non-Christians who are interested in becoming members of the Christian Community.
  • Those baptised in another Christian tradition who are interested in becoming full members of the Catholic Church.
  • Catholics who are baptised but who have not yet received the Sacrament of the Eucharist or Confirmation.

What methods are used?

  • The RCIA is a return to the method used by the Early Church to initiate new members into the Christian Community.
  • It is a process of Christian initiation into the Church that includes the study of sacred scripture and doctrine, spiritual reflection, private and liturgical prayer and community service and involvement.

The RCIA is a process of conversion and spiritual growth for adults. Each period is liturgically marked by celebrations indicating the end of one stage and the entrance into the next stage of the faith journey.

To Inquire about the RCIA programme Please contact any member of the Parish Team

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