The time has come

The Time has Come!
Generally speaking, it takes something very urgent to make us drop everything and change our plans.
In today’s gospel we see some of the disciples doing just that. We can only begin to imagine what Jesus’ presence must have been like to invoke such a response in these first disciples. While a few of us might relate to such a radical conversion, many of us would find such a sudden change in ourselves or in another
person unsettling. There are few things for which we would
willingly drop everything. And yet this is the immediacy with which these first disciples responded to Jesus. These first
disciples were willing to drop everything in order to make Jesus and the Kingdom of God the most important things in their lives.

Jesus calls us to repent and believe the Good News. He invites us to make living as his disciple the most important thing in our lives. How might our life change if we understood the Kingdom of God in this way? The gospel reminds us that time is of the
essence; the Kingdom of God is here and now. Now is the time for action; the time to turn our lives around, to make Jesus the central focus of our lives, to reach out with love and justice to others.
Let us ask God for the courage and strength to respond to that call as the disciples did.