This is a list of Newbridge parish and community groups and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information.   If you would like your group or club to be included on this site, please let us know.

ACCORD – Marriage Care

ACCORD Newbridge, Parish Centre

045 431695

Office hours: Monday-Friday from 9:30  to 14:00. An answering service is in operation at all other times. The Accord secretary will get back to you promptly.

Counselling appointments available Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 16:00 and 19:00 to 21:00

Cost of counselling sessions is based on your ability to pay.

ACCORD essential function is to provide you with access to information and support if you are:
• Looking for help with marriage and relationship difficulties
• Preparing for marriage
• Seeking to enhance your relationship
• Learning more about marriage and family issues.

ACCORD provides a range of catholic marriage care service at its 58 Centers nationwide.

The services offered in Newbridge are:

• Relationship Counselling

• Marriage Preparation Courses

• Schools’ Programmes

See for further information.

Association of African Catholics in Ireland (Kildare and Leighlin Diocese)

Association of African Catholics in Ireland (Kildare and Leighlin Diocese)

Mission Statement: The Association intends to enrich Irish Catholics with the rich African cultual  heritage of members and to enrich through interactions /collaborations with Irish and other Catholics in Ireland. This will help unite African and Irish Christian churches irrespective of the nationalities of their congregations.

Vision: Our vision is to develop a community of people bound by common beliefs, faith, and unity of purpose and promotion of peaceful co-existence where all are free to practice/participate/uphold their Catholic Christian values/heritage.

The Group meet in the meeting room attached to The Curates House, Chapel Lane, Newbridge on tye third Saturday of each month at 2 p.m.

Mass is celebrated in Cill Mhuire,  Ballymany on tye third Sunday of each month at 2 p.m.

Christmas Mass will be celebrated on at 3 p.m. on Sunday 19th December in Cill Mhuire , Ballymany

Refreshments after Mass.

Baptism Visitation Ministers

Baptism Ministers have been established in the Parish for over twenty years. They welcome the child on behalf of the Parish.

At present there are about twelve people on the team.

Families are contacted by one of the ministers the week before their Baptism is due, to arrange a home visit, to help in the immediate preparation for Baptism.

Bethany Bereavement Group

  The Bethany Bereavement Support Group is a voluntary Parish based ministry group which aims to help the bereaved and grieving. Contact Rose on 086 3353259

Choirs:- Cill Mhuire Adult Choir

The Cill Mhuire Adult Choir sing at the Sunday 10.00 Cill Mhuire Church

The Adult Choir rehearses in Cill Mhuire Church each Wednesday night from 8 – 9 p.m. 

We always welcome new members. Contact Sr. Catherine 045 431 268

Choirs:- Cill Mhuire Childrens Choir

The Cill Mhuire Childrens Choir sing at the Sunday 11.30 a.m. Mass in Cill Mhuire Church.

The Childrens Choir rehearses in Cill Mhuire Church each Thursday night from 6- 7 p.m. Adrienne Donnelly 087-2910401

Choirs:- Cill Mhuire Folk Group

The Cill Mhuire Folk Group sing at the Saturday 7 p.m. Mass in Cill Mhuire Church.

The Folk Choir rehearses in Cill Mhuire Church each Wednesday night from 7- 8 p.m.

New members welcome. Contact Michael Ormand 085 782 6887

Choirs:- IN Caelo

In Caelo was formed just before Christmas in 1997

In Caelo grew from what had once been the local Parish Folk group,

Today In Caelo has 45 members.

In Caelo rehearses in St Conleth’s Church each Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

The Choir sings a number of times each month at the 12.30 p.m. Mass in St Conleth’s Church. 


Leader: Padraig Meredith


Website :

Choirs:- Newbridge Gospel Kids

Newbridge Gospel Kids is a children’s choir which sings gospel music in St.Conleth’s Parish Church, Newbridge, Ireland. We sing our lively songs once a month and invite you to come and listen and enjoy the music and join in too.  


Phone/text: 086 259 8508

Email to:

Click here to – Listen to the music for our next Mass

Visit our Web Site at

Choirs:- Parish Adult Choir

 The Newbridge Parish Choir has been in existence for 150 years. Phyllis O’Carroll the Choir leader has been with the Choir for 10 years. The longest serving member of the Choir is Jack Lavelle who has been singing with the Parish Choir for 70 years

We rehearse each Wednesday night in St Conleth’s Church at 8 P.M.  New members and always welcome. Why not use your gifts for the good of the parish?

We sing at the 11.00 a.m. Mass each Sunday in St Conleth’s Church.

We can be contacted through the Parish Office. Tel: 045 431394   or direct to Phyllis O’Carroll. Tel : 045 890 571

Cill Mhuire Sunday School Group

Cill Mhuire Sunday School is open from age four upwards. It takes place in the Day Chapel during the11.00 a.m. each Mass each Sunday except on Sundays of the First Communion Programme.

Fairtrade Parish Group

February 22, 2010 12:01 am to March 7, 2010 11:00 pm

Newbridge Fair Trade Parish

Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 runs from 22nd February until 7th March. This year’s campaigh is focusing on tea.

We are asking the nation to swap their cuppa for a Fairtrade cuppa. From converting your granny to host a tea party,Banner_FT142010 there are so many ways to encourage people to swap their precious brew.

The more ways you  can help us get people swapping the better, each swap will be proof that people in Ireland want a better deal for producers in developing countries. 

Visit the Fairtrade website HERE


First Communion Visitation Group 2011

The Visitation Team   -        Newbridge Parish             2007 – 2011

4The visitation team was set up in Newbridge Parish four years ago. Looking back over those years we are reminded of the origin and progress of the visitation ministry.  ‘Go out into whole world and proclaim the Good News’

Every year in Newbridge parish, parents attend various meetings in preparation for the sacraments of First Communion and First Penance, but because of the large numbers it is difficult for some of them to connect with the faith community, or to experience any sense of belonging to the parish. When working with First Communion children Sr. Eileen and some of her colleagues became aware of the need to reach out more to parents, and give them the support and help they needed, in preparing their children for the sacraments.  The idea of setting up a visitation team – lay people visiting the homes was reflected on and discussed with some parish groups. The idea though challenging was gradually becoming a reality.   Small steps were being taken to launch out into the unknown and begin a new ministry.

 The new initiative received great support from Fr. Joe our parish priest, and from the lay people who gradually became involved in the visitation programme. To begin with, people who were already involved in parish ministry were invited to join the group. Training sessions were set up by Julie Kavanagh from the Diocesan Faith Development Service. These sessions included looking at our hopes and fears, exploring benefits to families and the visitation team, listening skills, prayer and group support.

In October 2007 the new team of 16 lay people (going out in pairs) began visiting a small number of families.  Having completed the2 visits an evaluation took place. Both families and the visitation team felt this new venture had great possibilities and so a new ministry was born.

Today over 30 people are members of the visitation team. Even though the number of children receiving First Communion in our parish has increased, each year we are blessed with new members who are prepared to get involved in the home visits. Last year over 340 children received First Communion in our Parish, and almost all families living in the Parish were visited.

 The work of the visitation team is now seen as part of the First Communion Programme. Each year when the First Communion Programme is launched a member of the visitation team speaks to the parents and informs them about the visits. The visitation team is familiar with the Parish Communion Programme, and the information, support and encouragement they give to parents is really appreciated.

 As part of the Do This In Memory Programme all families are encouraged to have a prayer space in their homes. When visiting the 3homes, the team bring with them gifts of a rosary beads, holy water and a prayer book to each child, which is added to their prayer space.

Since this ministry began four years ago, the team has been made very welcome by the families. Searching for houses on cold winter nights, going into the unknown,and making contact with new families is challenging  but rewarding.  The commitment and enthusiasm of the visitation team, their faith, loyalty to parish and willingness to reach out to others has enabled this ministry to take root and become a reality in Newbridge Parish.

 January 2011  Sr. Eileen and visitation team

Funeral Ministers

Funeral ministers have existed in Newbridge Parish for many years.

Legion of Mary

 Meeting each Thursday morning in Cill Mhuire Church at 10.30 a.m

Website :

Miscarriage/stillbirth/neo-natal Death Support Group

Newbridge Miscarriage/stillbirth/neo-natal Death Support Group.

We are a support group for parents whose baby died before, during, or after birth

For further information please contact Liz 045 435 113, Kathleen 045 436 143 or Grainne 045 434 057 . You will be very welcome.

Newbridge Lourdes Group

This group helps to organise the  annual Parish  Pilgrimage to  Lourdes and also helps with fundraising to bring a number of people who otherwisw could not afford to go on the Pilgrimage.

Newbridge Parish Care & Repair

Care & Repair Volunteer Group
Care_and_RepairCare & Repair is a volunteer group under the umbrella of Age Action Ireland. The service offered by Care & Repair is minor repairs such as replacing light bulbs, fitting door chains, spy holes & smoke alarms, putting up shelves, moving light pieces of furniture across a room & taking down curtains. This service is available to people living in the Newbridge Parish area and are aged 60 +. Volunteers are members of the local community. We are currently looking for volunteers as well as people who need work to be done in their homes.

Newbridge Care & Repair c/o Parish Centre, Newbridge
on 087 9536233.

Newbridge Parish Lourdes Fund Committee

Newbridge Parish Lourdes Fund Committee would like to thank Helen Durney, her

family and friends for the proceeds of a Table Quiz they organised in aid of the Lourdes

Fund. Amount raised was €1,141.60. Also many thanks to Marie Lee who organised a

Coffee Morning in Cill Mhuire. Amount raised was €320.

Newbridge Taize Mass Group

Taize Mass at 7 p.m. in St Conleth’s Church on the First Sunday of each month.

This is a quite reflective Mass.  Taize Chant is used by members of our Taize Choir.

Parish Prayer Group

Prayer Group Meeting each Thursday night in Cill Mhuire Church Ballymany at 8 pm.

Parish Youth Group

Leader:  Fr. Pat Hughes C.C.   Phone: 045 438 036

Our Youth Group started with a conversation between two people in Lourdes, France. That conversation grew to three people and eventually it grew into our Youth Group.

The conversation involved talking about the way the youth have become disconnected from the Church, ways of bridging that gap and about how the youth see faith. This was the first youth meeting of this group.

The meetings grew in numbers and the youth of Newbridge started thinking about their faith, what they believe in and so on. Someone new turned up at the meetings every week, whether they went to Lourdes as helpers, to World Youth Day in Sydney or they just wanted to do something about their faith. They turn up, friendships are formed, and we enjoy the craic and working together.

The Newbridge Parish Youth Group meets every Thursday Night at 8 o’clock in the Holy Family Convent Newbridge. The Newbridge Parish Youth group, as a Catholic Youth Group, commits itself to the development of a fun medium for the youth of Newbridge to discuss their beliefs in the Catholic Faith. they also commit themselves to reach out to other members of the Parish Community as a whole. The Newbridge Parish Youth Group aims to work in an environment of co-operation and mutual respect.

Visit the Youth Page

Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a partnership of priests and laypeople, which is the pastoral leadership group in the Parish.

Visit our Pastoral Council Page

Specific Pastoral Council Notices Below

Perpetual Adoration Committee

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration takes place in the Adoration Chapel in St Conleth’s Church daily from 10.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m.. First Friday’s until midnight and First Saturdays fro 7.30 a.m. until 9.30 a.m.

In Cill Mhuire Church Adoration takes place each Friday Morning after 10.00 a.m. Mass until Noon.

Parish Adoration Committee Parish Co-ordinator: Noel Buckley. Tel: 085 864 5047

St Conleth’s Sunday School Group

St Conleth’s Sunday School is open from age four upwards. It takes place in the Adoration Chapel during the 12.30 p.m. each Mass each Sunday except on Sundays of the First Communion Programme.

St Joseph’s Young Priest Society

St Joseph Young Priests Society is an organisation of committed lay people who support Seminarians and priests through prayer and financially.

The Newbridge St Joseph’s Young Priest Society meet in the Holy Family Convent Newbridge on second Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. in the Holy Family Convent Newbridge.

Q – What is St Joseph’s Young Priests  Society?

A – It is a society of lay people, which has been approved by the Irish Episcopal Conference. The Society’s work was founded by Mrs Olivia Taaffe in 1895.


Q – What is the purpose of the Society?

A – The purpose of the Society is twofold:

1 – To foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and to assist financially in the education of students for the priesthood.

2 – To promote the vocation of the laity, to foster a greater understanding and love of the Holy Eucharist, and to help members to be Christ’s presence in every aspect of life.

Q – How does the Society work?

A – The Society works through branches. A group of committed people in a parish form a branch with the approval of the parish priest. They elect officers, meet monthly to pray and organise the activities of the Society in their community. A branch may also be formed by people in their workplace or profession 

Q- What are the Society’s activties?

A – The Society encourages regular prayer for vocations. It arranges prayer meetings, vigils, pilgrimages, seminars and retreats, through these and through the witness of their Christian living, members can live their commitment and responsibility as lay people in the Church.

Q – Why is the work of the Society so important?

A – The work of fostering religious vocations belongs to the entire Christian community. Taking part in the work of the Society is one way in which lay people can respond to the task. They look to the future and to their children’s future. They want to hand on their faith and their love of the Mass, for which priests will be needed. 

Q – Why is financial help needed for student?

A – Few families can make a substantial contribution to the cost of seminary education and the expenses of a student. Because of other demands on their means, some families can only make a small contribution or none at all. In such cases, the Society adopts the student and helps to finance his education for the priesthood.

Q – What students are helped by the Society?

 A – The Society provides assistance relating to:

1 – Students for the priesthood for ministry in Ireland who qualify for assistance and who are recommended by a Board of Priests appointed by the four archbishops of Ireland.

2 – Students for the priesthood where the need exists throughout the world. At present, students are assisted in Ireland as well as the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka.

Q- What is the Society’s status?

A – The Society is a registered charity and has been since the foundation of the State in 1922. Reg. N° CHY1508.

Q -  How are the students helped by the  Society?

A – They are supported spiritually in following the all of the Lord by the prayers of the members. They are assisted financially by the Society from le members’ contributions. 

Q- How can I help the work of the Society?

 A- By supporting the branch in your parish or at our work. Alternatively, by contacting the General ;ecretary of the Society at:

St Joseph’s Young Priests’ Society 23 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Tel: 01 676 2593 I Fax: 01 676 2549


In the year 2000  St Joseph’s Young Priests Society supported 797 seminarians worldwide and saw 171 ordinations to the priesthood. 

Prayer for Vocations

O Jesus, send labourers into your fields,

which are awaiting holy apostles, saintly priests,

heroic missionaries and dedicated sisters and brothers.

Enkindle in the hearts of men and women the spark of vocation.

And grant that Christian families may desire to give your

Church helpers in the work of tomorrow.


St Vincent DePaul

St Vincent DePaul –  St Conleth’s Conference

4 Limerick Lane, Newbridge

Phone 045 433038


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